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What is the Arizona Tax Credit?

The AZ Tax Credit is a golden opportunity for Arizona tax payers to gain a dollar-for-dollar tax benefits and choose how their tax dollars will be spent. These tax credits allow taxpayers to reduce their state tax liabilities for each dollar donated to a QCO charity like Brighter Way Institute, up to the maximum allowable limits.

This is done through a charitable donation to a state-approved Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO). The maximum donation that can be made increased in 2023. Single filers may claim up to $470 and married couples filing jointly may claim up to $938. Depending on your tax status, you can either get a refund or a reduction in state taxes. Read more at the Arizona Tax Credit Giving Guide.

What is a Qualified Tax Organization?

The Arizona Department of Revenue defines Qualifying Charitable Organizations (QCOs) as those that “provide immediate basic needs to residents of Arizona who receive temporary assistance for needy families (TANF), are low income residents of Arizona, or are children who have a chronic illness or physical disability.” QCO organizations are also required to spend at least half of their annual budgets on services to support those Arizonians that qualify for assistance.

Is Brighter Way Institute a QCO?

Yes, Brighter Way is a registered QCO with a QCO Number: 20880. Find us listed at the Arizona Department of Revenue website at

Who Qualifies?

Any Arizona taxpayer who pays any amount of Arizona state income taxes qualifies for this tax credit.

How does the Tax credit work?

The AZ Tax Credit is a win-win for both individual Arizona tax payers and nonprofits. A qualified tax credit donation reduces the amount an individual owes to the state or increases your refund. This is a dollar of dollar credit which is even better than a deduction. For example, if you owe $500 in state taxes and you donate $470 to Brighter Way, your state tax bill will be reduced to $30.

As each situation is different, consult with your tax adviser for a better understanding of your Arizona tax obligation. Donate, maintain your documentation, complete the relevant forms, and calculate your tax credit against your tax liability. Claiming the tax credit is simple:

1. Make your cash donation to Brighter Way Institute (QCO 20880). Donate Here.

2. Brighter Way provides a tax acknowledgement letter by mail.

3. File Form 321 with your Arizona Tax Return.

4. Donations made up until tax day (April 15) can be applied to the current year or the previous year’s taxes. For more information, watch this brief informational video.

Why is the AZ Tax Credit Program Important to Brighter Way?

As a 501(c)(3) Qualifying Charitable Organization, Brighter Way Institute has a mission to provide comprehensive oral health care for vulnerable adults, children, veterans, those experiencing homelessness, and individuals with special needs. We depend on individual donors to help individuals in greatest need. For example;

- $470 will provide 15 oral health services to children in poverty

- $938 will provide services to one homeless veteran

What if I already take other Tax Credits?

You can give to this tax credit as well as to those related to foster care and education!

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