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Brighter Way has a transformational mission to address the oral health needs of Maricopa County’s most vulnerable adults, children, veterans, those experiencing homelessness, and developmentally disabled. With over 500,000 people living in poverty, health disparities and inequities prevent access to affordable care.
Through our unique model of care, two state-of-the-art dental centers and one mobile dental unit provide specialized care ranging from preventive treatment, routine exams, and education to complex surgical restoration.
Brighter Way envisions a community where all low-income and homeless individuals receive compassionate, affordable, and quality oral health care when they need it.
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The Brighter Way Promise to our Patients
To establish Brighter Way Dental Centers as a permanent Dental Home for vulnerable, underserved, individuals in our community and to provide comprehensive care as needed. This care may range from basic preventive interventions and education to complete reconstruction including full mouth implants.
To reduce oral health inequities among patients experiencing disparities resulting from one or more social determinants of health through a multi-disciplinary team approach. We will continue increasing access to oral health care and reducing other disparities through innovative partnerships and increasing eligibility assistance.
To continue building a network of partnerships in the Greater Phoenix area with the vision of improving access to oral health services and patients’ overall well-being. We will re-engage and re-build professional oral health volunteer and educational partnerships, resulting in increased capacity to provide services through volunteer resources.
Parsons Center for Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics
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Brighter Way United Healthcare Mobile Dental Center
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