Parsons Center for Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics
Dental decay is the most prevalent childhood non-contagious disease in the world, impacting children’s short and long-term health.  Established in July 2010 to address chronic and complex dental issues prevalent in low-income children, our pediatric dental center provides access to a permanent Dental Home. A strong partnership with the Murphy School District increases access to comprehensive and preventive care for children attending Title I schools. Youth from other dental centers and nonprofits including one.n.ten are also referred here.
Approximately 78% of Brighter Way’s pediatric patients live in Medically Underserved Areas with no access or means to see a dentist.
Over half of our patients had dental caries by age four.
All Children Deserve a Healthy Childhood
It’s hard to understand why 75% of Brighter Way’s young pediatric patients have never seen a dentist and 45% don’t even have access to preventive sealants. Many suffer with severe dental disease with unique and complex oral health restorative needs not usually assessed in children.
A Maricopa County report estimates 308,000 children are living in poverty with 52% of those children without health insurance
The Brighter Way Model of Care
The core competence of Parsons Center for Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics is evidenced through the permanent full-service Dental Home model.
In 2022, Parsons Pediatric Center provided 39,405 oral health services to 5,678 impoverished children ages 5 to 17 at a cost of $230 per child.
Parsons Center provides complex, specialized care for children and youth including emergency oral health services. Sedation options for children are critical in restoring oral health in complex cases requiring multiple procedures and for children with developmental disabilities.
Orthodontic Services for
at-risk Children
Orthodontics is a specialty that addresses irregularities and a multitude of oral health conditions. Parsons Center not only straightens teeth but corrects bite, and provides complex surgical orthodontic treatments. Many youth are at risk for unfavorable health, academic, and social outcomes. Orthodontic services help create positive self-esteem and confidence that inspires hope in these youth, changing their lives in a dramatic way.
Anesthesia Services & Conscious Sedation
Addressing unique challenges, Brighter Way’s Parsons Center is one of the few nonprofit children’s dental centers offering conscious sedation and general anesthesia monitored by an anesthesiologist. In addition to allowing for multiple procedures to be completed during a single visit, sedation relieves unnecessary pain and suffering for children, and reduces dental apprehension so many children experience.
Preventative Oral Health Services & Education
Poor nutritional habits in low-income children often starts at a young age, resulting in excessive, untreated  dental caries. Parsons Center ensures each child receives age appropriate dental sealants or fluoride varnishes during their regular visit.  Treatment is followed by preventive hygiene and nutritional education with a Smile Bag to ensure each child has their own toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss.
Children with Developmental Disabilities
Dr. Thuy Ngo is one of only a few doctors in the Valley specializing in services to children with developmental disabilities. Dr. Ngo's immense and respected skills allow us to provide oral health services including full mouth reconstruction with the full range of sedation services critical for success when we help relieve anxiety to this highly vulnerable population and complete full treatment in one visit.
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